Why we love wireless chargers (and why we think you will too)

by Test | Thursday, 14 March 2019 5:09:34 am Australia/Melbourne

How’s this for a quintessentially 21st-century condition: nomophobia, or ‘no-mobile-phone-phobia’. It’s a pretty self-explanatory name, but this definition from Techpedia leaves no room for doubt:

‘A psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of mobile or cell phone contact’.

Like it or not, we live in an age where our mobiles are so central to our everyday existence that it’s hard to imagine life without one. Think about the angst you feel when you realise you’ve left your phone at home, or when you go to make a call and you’re out of juice.

Your clients and business associates are no different.

But now, you can help ease their nomophobia while staying front and centre of their consciousness!

Six words: Your branding on a wireless charger.

There hasn’t been a promotional product this hot for years. And Present Company Included can get you a slice of the action.


How does wireless charging work?

There’s some seriously nifty science behind wireless charging, but we won’t bombard you with the technical details. In a nutshell, it dispenses with the need for cables by transferring energy between charger and device via electromagnetic induction.

Simply place the phone on the charger, and let the magic happen.

An induction coil inside the charger creates an alternating electromagnetic field. The receiver in the phone converts this back into electricity, which then powers up the battery.

Convenient, affordable and easy to use, wireless chargers are compatible with any Qi-compliant phone (which is most of them these days, Android and Apple), or with a Qi adaptor.  

How can wireless chargers work for my business?

Customised IT gadgets and consumer electronics are always a popular promotional option. Besides being practical and fun, they convey the message that your business is innovative and contemporary.

Wireless chargers take this to the next level.

Whether it’s sitting on an office desk or table, or available for public use at a café, foyer or conference, a customised wireless charger gives your brand great visibility while providing an instant solution to a problem everyone experiences: keeping our mobile phones charged.

Voilà! You’ve just spared your clients and associates the stress of nomophobia. They won’t forget it.

Spoiled for choice

Another reason we love wireless chargers at Present Company Included is that the possibilities are practically endless!

Light-weight with non-slip pads; built-in USB ports or Bluetooth speakers; different colours, sizes, charging capacities and price points – with such a dazzling range to choose from, we will help you decide which charger matches your exact needs.

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