Power up your client relationships with our stylish charger cables

by Navdeep | Thursday, 14 March 2019 5:07:48 am Australia/Melbourne

One of the things we’ve learnt at Present Company Included during our 15-plus years in the promotional products industry is that success is all about the details.

In the words of Richard Branson: “An exceptional company is one that gets all the little details right.” Why sell yourself short with a laissez-faire attitude? Attention to detail shows that you care, that you respect your clients, and that you’ve got their every last need covered.

Which is the message you’ll be sending with any of these stylish promotional charging cables. They may be small, but they’re essential.

More than just a tech accessory…

There are few things more annoying than turning up at an important meeting or event, only to find your digital device has died. Our gorgeous customised charging cables mean you can spare your clients and associates this all-too-common hassle – and that’s a gesture they won’t forget! (How could they, with your branding on prominent display?)

Designed to charge devices and transfer data anywhere there’s a power source, and available with multiple connector options, our charger cables come in a huge range of configurations, materials, colours and prices.


Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Space-age, sleek, sophisticated and practically indestructible, the Trident comes with reinforced USB to Micro-USB, Type C and lightning charge connections – and your brand laser-engraved for all to see.


  • With in-built LED lighting, the Olenzo 2-N-1 LED charge cable will illuminate your brand every time it’s plugged in. Choose from USB to Micro USB or 8Pin Lightning connectors.



Coming in a veritable rainbow of colours, the Flat Magnetic USB Cable offers USB to iPhone 4S, USB to iPhone 5S/6S and USB to Micro USB connector options and boasts a 480MB/s transfer rate. Imagine your logo popping against a hot-pink or sky-blue cable!


Of course, let’s not forget:


Overwhelmed? Don’t be: that’s what Present Company Included is here for.

We’ll help you choose the charger cable that works best for you. Because we’re all about the details too.

Start exploring our range of custom charger cables.